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HEALTH-help likes to help you help yourself and be yourself more.

The HEALTH helper is honoured to form a chain in this proces and to witness it. That we are all Whole+All-One. At HEALTH help, you will find helpful tips about health and a healthy life style.

From now on take responsibility for your own health. HEALTH help provides information and techniques that can help you to help yourself. Use your common sense.


We are working on our English website.


HEALTH-help can be given by telephone for which you provide a telephone number.

You pay the costs involved in €. Moreover, you give what you think is worth it / what you can miss in €, or in H (you offer your help as an exchange), in addition to the Pay It Forward principle: Someone gives something to you and you give something to 3 others (are you ready to help someone in the world as a favor?).

Marja de Jong from Arnhem, coach and HEALTH helper.
As a musical child, I was naturally gifted to remove people's headaches. After my work as a medical quality controller, I studied many religions, meditation forms and alternative medicine. Among others: Transcendental Meditation by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Laag Soeren, and Reiki (Usui) by Henkjan de Blaauw of the French Ecolonie, who asked me to give singing meditation workshops in Vierhouten where he had set up the famous Pentecost weekends.
I also took courses in Enneagram, Intuitive Development (Linda Keen), Homeopathy (Ineke Nelissen), Naturally Connecting Communication (Justine Mol), workshop leader Sacred Dance (Francisca Bezemer and Peter van Gool), the Silva Method / Alpha technique (by Jose Silva) , Soul Body Fusion® (Arno van Dijk), Liberation Coaching 2017 and Divine Energy Healing (Vortex).

In the meanwhile, I obtained the Conservatory Teaching and Performing degrees, worked as a music teacher, conductor, composer and singing soloist.
30 y ago I also connected with the Universal Sufis, with whom I followed the inner training. After twelve years of performing classical music in concert halls and churches in addition to meditative music for Christians, Theosophists, Rose Cruisers, Sufis, Hindus, TM-ers, etc., I decided to mainly perform written music myself, in which Love and Light predominate in a Universal form.

My life contained enough challenges and opportunities for growth, making it easy for me to understand others and become useful in seeing or creating solutions and / or new opportunities. I learned to use my sensitivity as a tool.
When people from my area started asking me for help, HEALTH-help came naturally. Sometimes I also help people abroad.

The purpose of HEALTH-help is to make it easier for you to help yourself, and be yourself more. I experience it as an honor to be able to form a link in this process, and to witness it. So that we are all Whole+All-One.